18 January 2019

the refusal as gift

The outline of these “contributions” toward the preparation of the
transition is taken from the still-unmastered ground-plan of the historicality of the transition itself:
the resonating
the interplay
the leap
the grounding
the future ones
the last god
This outline is not a series of various considerations on sundry objects; nor is it a step-by-step ascent from the low to the high. It is a
preliminary sketch of the temporal-spatial playing field which the
history of the transition first creates as its own realm in order to decide, according to its own law, about the futureless ones, i.e., those who are always only “eternal,” and about the future ones, i.e., those who occur only once.

± Martin Heidegger, Contributions to Philosophy (Of the Event), p. 7-8

The resonating of beyng in its refusal.
The interplay of the questioning of beyng. The interplay commences with the first beginning playing over to the other beginning,
in order to bring the latter into play such that out of this mutual
interplay, the preparation for the leap develops.
The leap into beyng. The leap leaps into the abyss of the fissure and
so for the first time attains the necessity of grounding Da-sein, which
is assigned out of beyng.
The grounding of truth as truth of beyng: (Da-sein).

± Martin Heidegger, Contributions to Philosophy (Of the Event), p. 10

Yet beyng is not something “earlier”—existing in itself, for itself. Instead, the event is the temporal-spatial simultaneity for beyng and beings.

± Martin Heidegger, Contributions to Philosophy (Of the Event), p. 13

13 January 2019

Sérotonine de Houellebecq et le manque l'oxygène de Blake

La nicotine est une drogue parfaite, une drogue simple et dure, qui n’apporte aucune joie, qui se définit entièrement par le manque, et par la cessation du manque.

du point de vue de l’administration un bon administré est un administré mort