02 September 2017

we are born to grow old, to grow weak, and to be sick

We must patiently suffer the laws of our condition; we are born to grow old, to grow weak, and to be sick, in despite of all medicine. 'Tis the first lesson the Mexicans teach their children; so soon as ever they are born they thus salute them: "Thou art come into the world, child, to endure: endure, suffer, and say nothing." 'Tis injustice to lament that which has befallen any one which may befall every one.

26 August 2017


All the things happening in the world, in all times, have their own parallels in the classical period. This happens because those things are produced by men, who have and always have had the same passions; and therefore, by necessity, those same things produce the same effects

24 August 2017

Dasein - caut sa inteleg ... Being In The World

Platon - obiectele perfecte sunt ideile. noi, in calitatea noastra de creaturi rationale, tre sa stam si sa le contemplam
Descartes - nu poti fi sigur de nimic decat de propria ta existenta de asta stai si te uita in mod indoielnic dar sistematic cum se intampla lucrurile
Heidegger -  noi suntem fiinte in lume si interactionam cu ea deci tre sa dezvoltam abilitati de a fi in lume

...ma mai gandesc

15 August 2017


le Québec - laboratoire culturel de la postmodernité.
"l'existence d'une violence coloniale (l'appropriation violente d'un continent par un pays européen)"
le mentir-vrai du romanesque
bricolage identitaire

éthnicité fictive
Régine ROBIN