21 April 2017

слишком рано

- У вашего "Мыслителя" вид человека, который, начав мыслить, недоволен тем, что видит вокруг себя.- сказал Буше. 
- Вы правы,- согласился Огюст.- Видимо, я сказал больше чем хотел. Я все больше убеждаюсь что человек начал мыслить слишком рано, еще не будучи к этому подготовленным. 

it does

17 April 2017

Schopenhauer’s nihil negativum

“Haino’s performance is an example of the radically unhuman aspect of Cosmic Pessimism, the impersonal affect of dread described by Kierkegaard as “antipathic sympathy and sympathetic antipathy.” So, Black is Myself also manages to be mystical at the same time that the individual performer is dissolved into a meshwork of tones – voice, space, and instrument variously existing in consonance and dissonance with each other. So, Black is Myself is a reminder of the metaphysical negation that is also at the core of black metal, as if Schopenhauer’s nihil negativum were rendered as musical form, ultimately negating even itself in a kind of musical antiform.” 
~Eugene Thacker. “In the Dust of This Planet.”

12 April 2017


Hyperobjects simply enable us to see what is generally the case:
(1) Protagoras notwithstanding, objects are not made-to-measure for humans.
(2) Objects do not occur “in” time and space, but rather emit spacetime.
(3) Causality does not churn underneath objects like a machine in the basement, but rather  oats in front of them.
(4) The causal dimension, in which things like explosions are taken to happen, is also the aesthetic dimension, in which things like Nude Descending a Staircase are taken to happen.

rocks rock

it's like we have there different versions of ourselves competing to be us

10 April 2017

ah Claude, t'es merveilleux

“Le but de ce livre [Mythologiques 1 : Le cru et le cuit] est de montrer comment des catégories empiriques, telles que celles de cru et de cuit, de frais et de pourri, de mouillé et de brûlé, etc., définissables avec précision par la seule observation ethnographique et chaque fois en se plaçant au point de vue d'une culture particulière, peuvent néanmoins servir d'outils conceptuels pour dégager des notions abstraites et les enchaîner en propositions.”
~ Claude Levi-Strauss

01 April 2017


si-au fost zile cand te-am inteles
si-au fost zile cand te-am simtit
si-au fost zile cand ai lipsit

ele toate pot fi adunate
si scazute
si impartite

dar nu sunt
ele s-au multiplicat

si cand ascult Yamunā Tīra Vihāri
e mereu un fel de mai mult ca perfect
a fost o zi in care nu ai fost

in ziua aia nu eram nici eu.
zilele vin si pleaca
doar pietrele vorbesc

agains thanatopolitics, for perestroika, against necropolitics, for vodka

27 March 2017



21 March 2017


Isaac Newton discovered gravity in 1687
before that people could fly

19 March 2017

Michel Foucault - Sécurité, territoire, population, 1978 (Audio Archive)

ps. http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/frenchculture.html
note to self: de-l bagat in youtube

07 February 2017

God is a Lobster

In Kafka, it is impossible to separate the erection of a great paranoid bureaucratic machine from the installation of little schizo machines of becoming-dog or becoming-beetle. 

de physis à tekhnè ou de physis à nomos

05 February 2017


Le défini est donc impliqué dans le définissant de la définition.

31 January 2017

Métonymie, métaphore, miau

La métaphysique — mythologie blanche qui rassemble et réfléchit la culture de l'Occident: l'homme blanc prend sa propre mythologie, l'indo-européenne, son logos, c'est-à-dire le mythos de son idiome, pour la forme universelle de ce qu'il doit vouloir encore appeler la Raison. Ce qui ne va pas sans guerre.
Jacques Derrida, Marges de la philosophie, 1971, p. 254

27 January 2017

la multi ani Tricky!

also "I am happy to inform you that the faculty have decided to award you the MA degree and admit you into the PhD program." pompom

23 January 2017


citesti Deleuze si te gandesti la ghimbir :)
ce miau

22 January 2017

18 January 2017


Every concept is inscribed in a chain or in a system within which is refers to the other, to other concepts, by means of the systematic play of differences.

01 January 2017

bon matin

“Putting my hand in someone else’s has always been my definition of happiness. Before I fall asleep, often - in that small struggle not to lose consciousness and go into the greater world - often, before I get up the courage to go into the vastness of sleep, I pretend that someone has my hand in theirs, and then I go, go to that enormous absence of form that is sleep. And when even after that I don’t have courage, I dream.” ― Clarice Lispector