23 September 2011

Bjork – Biophilia

let's Bjork

Compilations Chroniques électroniques

Après une première édition IDM, Chroniques électroniques a réuni de nouveau des artistes que nous affectionnons pour un deuxième volume qui évolue plus dans une sphère abstract hip-hop. 12 titres inédits, voire conçus pour l'occasion, venus d'Amérique du Nord, de Russie et principalement de France pour prolonger notre envie de vous faire découvrir toujours plus de musique.

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21 September 2011

Adobe CS4

probabil una din cele mai frumoase publicitatsi pe care le-am vazut in viatsa mea :)

Ai Weiwei shi semintele de floarea soarelui

daca tot l-am descoperit acu cateva saptamani, soarta mi-l baga in cale iar shi iar, vrea sa-l cunosc, sa-l invats shi sa nu incetez sa ma minunez de curajul shi frumusetsea acestui minunat artist

Terence McKenna - The World and Its Double

lumea asta shi lumea cea de dincolo de noi

20 September 2011

John Lennon and Yoko Ono remixed

a fost acest post: miau
acuma este asta :)

John William Waterhouse


1. I understand 2. I see 3. I speak 4. I love 5. I do 6. I feel 7. I am

1. I understand
2. I see
3. I speak
4. I love
5. I do
6. I feel
7. I am

The lady with the little dog - Chekhov / Дама с собачкой - Чехов/ Doamna cu cățelul - Cehov

astazi - zi dedicata minunatei povestiri a lui Cehov Doamna cu cățelul
dis-de-dimineata am ascultat cartea audio - citita impecabil, cu muzica de fundal aleasa perfect, cu o lacrima scapata in parc (de mila lor, de mila mea?)
frumoasa zi :) :*
textul complet in rusa aici

19 September 2011

Authour Diagram

This pie chart illustrates what’s in my head in terms of what I think about writing, and who goes where. This of course is just a partial list, and my apologies for the lack of contemporaries, and women. Again, this is a view into my head, and probably subject to some disagreement. I think of all writing being from the head (pros: cerebral, conceptual; cons: didactic, dry), the mouth (pros: language, poetics; cons: empty banter, pure form), and the heart (pros: empathic, intimate; cons: sentimental, emotional) . My favorite writers, those in the white dashed center, are able to write from all three places. Other writers I admire are writing from two places. Others tend to fall into just one category, somewhat consumed by that point of view. Authors near the outer edges of their category may be seen as my critique of them, for the excessiveness of that sensibility. It would be interesting to see where you disagree, and why, and list those who I’ve failed to mention, and place them accordingly. ~Jimmy Chen

16 September 2011

The Four Noble Truths (introduction to Buddhism)

The first sermon that the Buddha preached after his enlightenment was about the four noble truths. The first noble truth is that life is frustrating and painful. In fact, if we are honest with ourselves, there are times when it is downright miserable. Things may be fine with us, at the moment, but, if we look around, we see other people in the most appalling condition, children starving, terrorism, hatred, wars, intolerance, people being tortured and we get a sort of queasy feeling whenever we think about the world situation in even the most casual way. We, ourselves, will some day grow old, get sick and eventually die. No matter how we try to avoid it, some day we are going to die. Even though we try to avoid thinking about it, there are constant reminders that it is true.

The second noble truth is that suffering has a cause. We suffer because we are constantly struggling to survive. We are constantly trying to prove our existence. We may be extremely humble and self-deprecating, but even that is an attempt to define ourselves. We are defined by our humility. The harder we struggle to establish ourselves and our relationships, the more painful our experience becomes.

The third noble truth is that the cause of suffering can be ended. Our struggle to survive, our effort to prove ourselves and solidify our relationships is unnecessary. We, and the world, can get along quite comfortably without all our unnecessary posturing. We could just be a simple, direct and straight-forward person. We could form a simple relationship with our world, our coffee, spouse and friend. We do this by abandoning our expectations about how we think things should be.

This is the fourth noble truth: the way, or path to end the cause of suffering. The central theme of this way is meditation. Meditation, here, means the practice of mindfulness/awareness, shamata/vipashyana in Sanskrit. We practice being mindful of all the things that we use to torture ourselves with. We become mindful by abandoning our expectations about the way we think things should be and, out of our mindfulness, we begin to develop awareness about the way things really are. We begin to develop the insight that things are really quite simple, that we can handle ourselves, and our relationships, very well as soon as we stop being so manipulative and complex.

The Life Of Buddha

02 September 2011

Ai Weiwei - Without Fear or Favor

it's called strength!

shi inca ceva:

The news that Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been detained by authorities has prompted significant concern here at TED HQ. We had shown a film of him at last month’s conference, an unexpected and courageous statement about his treatment by the government, social change, the power of the web, and his hope for the future of China. The film, which was shown as Ai Weiwei himself watched live over the web in the middle of the night, prompted a huge standing ovation from the TED audience.

TED is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical organization, and we understand the Chinese authorities’ concern at anything which might provoke social unrest. But for anyone who believes in the power of ideas, of human imagination, it is heartbreaking to see one of the world’s great artists shackled in this way. We will be tracking developments carefully. Here is the film.

– Chris Anderson

chopstick dubplate - ONE BAG A MURDA mix

am reascultat acest mix cu nishte oameni tare tare TARE dragi shi Jacky Murda n-a fost niciodata mai miau :)

01 Roadblock Tonite feat Fragga Ranks [CHOP10]
02 Ganja Fi Legal feat Jason Sweetness & Ward 21 [OG003]
03 Soundboy Gone feat Jah Mason [Murdatune dubplate]
04 Murdarer feat Barrington Levy [BR003]
05 100 Box of Dubplate feat Carlton Livingston [Chopstick Dubplate]
06 1 Step Beyond [ska Murda dubplate]
07 Heartless Vampirez feat Determine [ska Murda dubplate]
08 Stay Focus feat Simpleman [ska Murda dubplate]
09 Redneck Rock feat Carlton Livingston [Chopstick Dubplate]
10 Mek You Runnin feat Freddy McGregor [Murdatune dubplate]
11 Love Inna Mi 3 Piece Suit feat Marcia Aitkin & Trinity [Murdatune dubplate]
12 Herbalist Dedication feat Sizzla [Murdatune dubplate]
13 Washroom Rock [Chopstick Dubplate]
14 Killin Time feat Leroy Sibbles [Chopstick Dubplate]
15 Jah Drifter [Chopstick Dubplate]
16 TelAviv Rockit feat Bob Marley [Chopstick Dubplate]
17 007Shanty feat Desmond Dekker [Murdatune RIP VIP]
18 Truth and Right feat Johnny Osbourne [Chopstick Dubplate]
19 BudyBye feat Johnny Osbourne & Askel [CHOP8]
20 Sleng Teng Murdaration feat Wayne Smith [Murdatune dubplate]