24 February 2019


In a certain way, therefore, intersubjectivity is first the nonempirical relation of Ego to Ego, of my present present to other presents as such; i.e., as others and as presents (as past presents) . Intersubjectivity is the relation of an absolute origin to other absolute origins, which are always my own, despite their radical alterity.
± Jacques Derrida

20 February 2019

who would have thought

Phenomenologically, the transcendental we is not something other than the transcendental Ego.
± Jacques Derrida, Husserl’s Origin of Geometry: An Introduction, p. 61

17 February 2019


11 February 2019

Histoire de la sexualité

Un corps en mauvaise santé à pour conséquence l'oubli, le découragement, la mauvaise humeur, la folie, au point même que les connaissances acquises finissent par être chassées de l'âme.

10 February 2019

the medium is the message

Why am I me and why not you? Why am I here and why not there? When did the time begin and when does space end?