27 September 2018


What is duration within us? A qualitative multiplicity, with no likeness to number; an organic evolution which is yet not an increasing quantity; a pure heterogeneity within which there are no distinct qualities. In a word, the moments of inner duration are not external to one another. 
~ Henri Bergson (tr. F. L. Pogson), Time and Free Will: An Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness (p. 225)

24 September 2018

J -2

zbor pe scari
in sus e de bine
in jos e de cadere

22 September 2018

prima etapa e cea mai importanta

a doua e cea mai grea
a treia e cea mai pufoasa
restul nu mai sunt etape ci scari

scara sociala m-a adus de la buiucani la istoria limbii franceze

18 September 2018

asteptam bucatele de bucurie

au fost chestii pe care le-am asteptat ani in sir si cand s-au intamplat n-am simtit mai nimic
au fost maini trecute prin par care au insemnat mai mult decat orice asteptare
nu stiu cum ne organizam si ne ierarhizam experientele

04 September 2018

Nietzsche's pain

I have given a name to my pain and call it 'dog': it is just as faithful, just as obtrusive and shameless, just as entertaining, just as clever as any other dog—and I can scold it and vent my bad moods on it, as others do with their dogs, servants, and wives. 

~ Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, and Walter Arnold Kaufmann. 1974. The Gay Science. 1st ed. New York: Random House.