02 June 2009

Vibrasphere - 102 miles from here

am citit asta azi:
We are at every moment connected to everything that exists. I tell you this for several reason.
First, so that you will have respect for every other living and non-living thing.
Second, so you will have respect for yourself and realize that you are part of God, and you are powerful. Third, so you will realize that you have the power to change your life, and change the world.
Fourth, so that you will realize that God is not just some powerful supernatural being that lives somewhere up there in the sky. God is in you and all around you, and is intimately involved in every thought you think and every action you take. And, you are also intimately involved with every other person and thing on this planet. You are never alone. You cannot say you have no responsibility for the things happening in the world. You can change your life, and you can change the world.
imi place sa cred ca sunt parte din asta shi ca asta e parte din mine
e tare mishto circuitul :)
let's all share and make Jah happy :)

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